Youth Ministry

Living for Him Together

Many times at Calvary we have been asked, “What does your church have for teenagers?”  It’s a common question, and an important one, but the answer might be different than what you think.  Here’s the short version:

1.  A multi-generational church family to worship God with, and to do life together.

2.  Interaction with both peers and Christian adults in various Community Groups. 

3.  YOUTH GROUP: A Sunday night community group for teens, led by a few caring adults.

4.  Weekly Sunday morning Bible-studies, divided into Jr & Sr High.

5.  Periodic small and large events for fun, discipleship, and/or service. 

The first of the list above is the backbone of our church’s ministry, no matter a person’s age.  The bible describes the goal of corporate life together: “One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.” (Ps. 145:4).   In addition, research confirms that the most important source of long-lasting faith is the development of relationships with one or more mature Christian adults.  Parents and other mature Christians can also provide an extended faith family for children and teens who do not come from Christian homes.      

That said, peer interaction is very important, and the opportunity to gather, fellowship, and learn about God with your own age should not be ignored.  It is our desire that our Sunday evening youth group will be a gathering in which we learn, care, and serve the community together.  Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross calls us to know him more, to love one another, and to make Him known.  And so here we have...    

Youth Group

Meets Sunday nights at 6:30

Conversation - Food - Bible Study - Prayer

Get to know others and be known by others

Led by Pastor Andy and others


Embrace your calling to be committed followers of Jesus.      

Embrace your calling to be integrated members of the church family.      

Embrace your calling to live outside the church as those who are SENT by Jesus. 


Perhaps you are looking for some simple steps to help you point your children/teens toward Christ.  If so, please consider these 3 guideposts as a framework for how you approach your role:         

Embrace your calling to be a gospel influence in your children's lives.     

Be reminded that your spiritual walk is incomplete if it is unrelated to your children.     

Set an informal goal to have at least one faith talk a week.  Look for an opportunity to use your busy family life circumstances to point your teenager to set their hope for happiness on Jesus, not on the other things that distract them.       


Embrace your calling to be gospel influences in the lives of younger generations.

If you would like to be involved in hosting a Sunday Youth Group at your home, assisting with a youth event, or would simply like to begin receiving updates on upcoming youth events, please contact Pastor Andy at